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Thu Feb 13 22:22:32 CET 2003

Chris and Peter wrote:
> cg> * After a ppp session, V24.Panel cannot be opened - need to first re-boot.
> > * Apparently V24.Panel wants the port to be found as being closed ?
> > * I use this: 
> > PROCEDURE CloseCOM2*; ...
> This Remove procedure is from PPPMain.Mod.
> Note Edgar's comment.
> 	(* Remove - Remove the PPP-Instance completely *)
> 	PROCEDURE Remove*(VAR id:PPPid);
> 	BEGIN Stop(id);
> (*es??? no unistall for devices in NetBase found 
> 		id.task.UnInstall;	(* Remove Task *)
> 		PT.UnInstallDevice(;
> es*)
> 		id:=NIL;
> 	END Remove;
> Chris, are you and Edgar referring to the 
> same defect?  Perhaps Pieter can incorporate
> a repair in NetBase in the next release.  If
> that works we can proceed to use it in V24
> and PPP.
Hi, I'm just reading at the moment because I'm working on WebDAV.
One thought concerning something Chris wrote:
If it's necessary to close the serial port after an interruption it's necessary
to know in which state PPP is.
In theory IIRC the PPP protocol has timeouts and goes back to some initial
state. Perhaps in this state transition the serial port isn't closed.
So the question would be whether Chris could trace PPP and get some log which
shows this going down.
Just the end of the log would be of interest I guess. Then I could find out
perhaps where some action is missing.
Finally I want to remember Chris that I'm inviting him to state such problems
in my Oberon forum. See my signature.
The advantage in comparison to the mailing list for me are the following:
- Information concerning PPP in the mailing list is distributed. In the forum
  it would be concentrated.
- I will get a personal mail if an article is entered.
- I can edit the material if necessary so that it makes sense for others to read.

Cheers, Edgar

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