Re (2): [Oberon] PPP & multi-tasking/initialising

peter_easthope at peter_easthope at
Sun Feb 16 20:28:56 CET 2003

Chris & others,

cg> ... the principle is
similar - I think: cleaning up after use to allow the next user.


cg> Interestingly, you previously wrote:
>> ...  The difficulty is in 
>> getting the V24.Panel to take over.  "Desktops.OpenDoc V24.Panel"
>> gives this message.
>> Can not open port, error = 1

I found that, assuming the port is available, the V24 
panel can open it and issue the "ATZ" and "ATD T539..." 
commands directly.  Also, the V24.Panel can store these 
commands in the drop-down menu to the right of the Log 

cg> Let's not just gloss over this, ...

Certainly not!

cg> V24.Panel expects to find the port closed when 
it starts/is-installed ?

A reasonable assumption.  Seems that any 
task which uses a port should relinquish 
it when the task is finished.

cg> What are the multi-tasking implications ?

A question for the experts.  Patrik, Pieter, 
Thomas?  I am just an amateur user.

cg> 2. The dialer/ppp 'combination' does not close the port (which it used)
     at   PPPMain.StopInst   ?     Why not ?

Edgar might answer this best.

cg>  3. What are the considerations when 2 tasks want to access the same 
     serial port ?

The general assumption seems to be that the first 
task gets the port and others are "out of luck".

cg> 4. Where is the documentation re. 'installing'/multi-tasking for S3 ?

The best I know of is "Chapter 15, Module Oberon"
beginning on page 154 in Reiser's _The Oberon System_.

cg> Personally I don't favour this empirical method, and prefer a well
understood/documented theoretical model which can be analysed.

Documentation could help.  I am not clear on the 
rules for allocation of a port to a task.

cg> Hacking down at the low level, without the supporting overview 
understanding is not recommended.  I first need to get an overview.

Likewise here.

Still no report about discussion of PPP in the 
O'Reilly book on TCP/IP.  This mailing list has
enough readers.  Can't one person find that 
book or some other in a campus bookstore?

Regards,     Peter E.

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