[Oberon] PPP & multi-tasking/initialising

eas-lab at absamail.co.za eas-lab at absamail.co.za
Sat Feb 15 13:36:50 CET 2003

> >* After a ppp session, V24.Panel cannot be opened - need to first re-boot.
> > * Apparently V24.Panel wants the port to be found as being closed ?
> > * I use this: 
> > PROCEDURE CloseCOM2*; ...

Peter Easthope wrote:
> This Remove procedure is from PPPMain.Mod.
> Note Edgar's comment.
> 	(* Remove - Remove the PPP-Instance completely *)
> 	PROCEDURE Remove*(VAR id:PPPid);
> 	BEGIN Stop(id);
> (*es??? no unistall for devices in NetBase found 
> 		id.task.UnInstall;	(* Remove Task *)
> 		PT.UnInstallDevice(id.me);
> es*)
> 		id:=NIL;
> 	END Remove;

PPPMain.Stop(id) differs from V24.Stop(port), but the principle is
similar - I think: cleaning up after use to allow the next user.

Interestingly, you previously wrote:
> Can anyone offer advice about establishing a terminal connection
> over a serial line (ie. not IP)?  I have a dialer which connects to
> the server and does the authentication.  The difficulty is in 
> getting the V24.Panel to take over.  "Desktops.OpenDoc V24.Panel"
> gives this message.
> Can not open port, error = 1

Let's not just gloss over this, and empirically patch the bug(s).
  I'd appreciate some feedback to my perhaps wrong assumptions:-

1. V24.Panel expects to find the port closed when it starts/is-installed ?
    This could be changed, by checking for open first ?
    What are the multi-tasking implications ?
2. The dialer/ppp 'combination' does not close the port (which it used)
     at   PPPMain.StopInst   ?     Why not ?
 3. What are the considerations when 2 tasks want to access the same 
     serial port ?
4.  Where is the documentation re. 'installing'/multi-tasking for S3 ?

> es> So the question would be whether Chris could trace PPP
> and get some log which shows this going down.

As I previously wrote: with the change of weather (line conditions)
the error no longer shows.  Hardware modifying the line to bring
back the error is a last resort - when I have time !

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