[Oberon] Version control

Edgar at EdgarSchwarz.de Edgar at EdgarSchwarz.de
Tue Feb 18 01:28:47 CET 2003

Hallo Felix,
> Does anyone of you have an automatic version control for Oberon (with 
> logging in / out etc.)?
I just uploaded WebDAV.0.5.0.Zip (Using WebDAV itself) to
"http://ketchup.ethz.ch/dav/WebDAV.0.5.0.Zip". Don't trust on it staying there.
It just was the easiest place to upload at the moment. Also a test :-)
A trial download with Mozilla under Windows was successful.
So as long as ETH doesn't need the machine for other purposes and the WebDAV server
is running you could give it a try.
It's a simple server implementing some methods of RFC 2518 WebDAV (MKCOL, DELETE,
BASELINE-CONTROL, UPDATE) at least as far as necessary to do some versioning.
The client has a command interface at the moment. Sending it's output to
The repository is maintained on a FAT Partition on ketchup.ethz.ch using VCS.
You must use BlueBottle because the RFCs use XML.
Also I wouldn't try to use client and server with other DeltaV clients and servers
at the moment.
This evening I plan to cleanup and extend the docs and upload it.

Cheers, Edgar

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