[Oberon] Version control

Felix Friedrich friedrich at gsf.de
Tue Feb 18 10:13:59 CET 2003

First of all, thank you very much for your quick response, John and Edgar.

I have looked at the sources of WebDAV and did not clearly understand how 
to use it. I have not found commands for checking in modules etc. Would I 
have to implement the user interface myself? How much preknowledge about 
Version controt does a programmer need for using WebDAV (provided that I 
can learn it and set up the operating (Oberon) systems )? Is there some 
literature about it?

Is there a chance to use WebDAV in the Linux- and Windows- Versions of 
Oberon? That would be a critical precondition for me, since I cannot force 
people in our group to use Bluebottle, we have many different network cards 
on the computers, most of them not working with Bluebottle.


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