[Oberon] AsciiEdit for Bluebottle (demo).

rotaru at centrum.cz rotaru at centrum.cz
Thu Feb 20 15:19:44 CET 2003

  You can get it from


  It is very minimal and it is work in progress (if I will have the 
time, something which is rather problematic). The cut&paste code is 
just a temporary hack (It even uses AosExample6.Mod), the caret code 
is not perfect and there are some subtle inconsistencies with cursor 
moving at beginning/ends of lines.

  Still, it may be used for small editing tasks such as adding a 
quotes to AosQuotes.txt or making changes in Menu.XML/AosConfig.XMl.

  Enjoy it or hate it,
                     Vasile Rotaru

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