[Oberon] BlueBottle: ETH Oberon / Aos 29.01.2003

fnecati at gyte.edu.tr fnecati at gyte.edu.tr
Thu Feb 20 16:11:52 CET 2003


If  Kernel.Log window is opened by System.OpenKernelLog command and closed from its menu bar [Close] button, 
after a Desktops.Recall or System.Recall command  the menu bar of Kernel.Log is not shown.

The problem seems to be in Aos.System.Mod 

If the following line in System.OpenKernelLog procedure 

OpenText("Kernel.Log|System.Close System.Copy Edit.Search System.Clear", log, TRUE)

is replaced by the below line

OpenText("Kernel.Log", log, TRUE)

problem disappears.

Best regards.


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