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Felix Friedrich friedrich at
Fri Feb 21 13:40:09 CET 2003

At 08:09 20.02.2003 -0800, Thursday, you wrote:
>Update.  I was able to get AosIO to compile under
>Plugin Oberon with a few modifications.  I'm having
>problems with AosFS though.  The problem seems
>to be differences between the Native and Active
>Oberon compilers.  Active Oberon is able assign
>object methods to procedure variables, but this
>causes problems for the Native Oberon compiler
>for some reason.  I was able to get around this
>in the AosIO module by changing the methods Send
>and Receive in object StringWriter to static
>procedures, but I could not do this in AosFS
>because Send and Receive both referred to member
>variables.  It might be easier to pull out the
>AosFS dependency altogether.  Once this is done
>we'll have XML for Native and Plugin Oberon.
>Anyone willing to help on this?

I am currently preparing a new Plugin Version with the recent AOS Compiler. 
I will try to get active Objects running under Windows but do not yet know 
if I will be successfull. The recent compiler is already running on my 
PluginOberon but there still are some service routines missinng. I will try 
to get some overview today/ weekend and will report about the status on 
Monday. I have also been looking at the AosIO ... XML Modules and think it 
will be difficult to get it portably running without a full support of 
(really) Active Objects support. (Mainly, as you have written, in cause of 
I do not have a clear overview, still some chaos in my head, so this is to 
be considered not as an assurance but merely as vague idea. More latest on 

If there are concerns about Active Objects in Windows, please let me know, 
maybe I missed some points.


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