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John Drake jmdrake_98 at
Thu Feb 20 17:09:26 CET 2003

Update.  I was able to get AosIO to compile under
Plugin Oberon with a few modifications.  I'm having
problems with AosFS though.  The problem seems
to be differences between the Native and Active
Oberon compilers.  Active Oberon is able assign
object methods to procedure variables, but this
causes problems for the Native Oberon compiler
for some reason.  I was able to get around this
in the AosIO module by changing the methods Send
and Receive in object StringWriter to static
procedures, but I could not do this in AosFS
because Send and Receive both referred to member
variables.  It might be easier to pull out the
AosFS dependency altogether.  Once this is done
we'll have XML for Native and Plugin Oberon.
Anyone willing to help on this?


John M. Drake

--- John Drake <jmdrake_98 at> wrote:

> I think the real work will be in porting and/or
> factoring out modules AosIO and AosFS.
> Regards,
> John M. Drake

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