[Oberon] PPP & multi-tasking/initialising

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Fri Feb 21 20:47:07 CET 2003

cg> 4. Where is the documentation re. 'installing'/multi-tasking for S3 ?

Peter Easthope wrote:
> The best I know of is "Chapter 15, Module Oberon"
> beginning on page 154 in Reiser's _The Oberon System_.

It will be difficult for me to get this book in a hurry.
(But I've now got: "PPP design & debugging" James Carlson).
I'll try to expand Edgar's PPP.Tool --  renamed to PPP.Text .

I believe that an understanding of S3 multi-tasking
is needed to understand the symptoms which I described.

I intend to provide a full explanation of the fault which IMO
must include considerations of multi-tasking, so I'd appreciate 
answers to these questions:

1. does S3 multitasking use an equal time slice for each task of the 
  'circular sequence' of tasks ?
2. How could the Ctrl+<break> (TRAP 13  Keyboard interrupt)
    allow the 'hung state' of the PPP' to release'.
3. any other descriptions or pointers re. S3 multitasking.

The multitasking aspect is IMO more interesting than fixing the
seldom occuring PPP problem.

-- Chris Glur.

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