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Sun Feb 23 16:06:37 CET 2003

Hi Patrik,
"Patrik Reali" <reali at> wrote:
> > Texts.Read(r, ch)
> > UNTIL r.eot OR ((r.lib # NIL) & (r.lib IS Fonts.Font));
> >
> >   the objects are just discarded, which is fine, but the "char
> > index" does not increase, so you get the errors reported before their
> > actual position. I have changed those lines with
> >
> This problem is quite a hassle: I'm trying to make the whole Paco an Aos
> application (i.e. it can be invoked from the Aos command line without having
> to load the whole Oberon IDE), but most of the texts we are using are Oberon
> texts. For this reason, the main module of the compiler has to understand
> the oberon text format (would require to duplicate all the text parsing
> code) or rely on some external libraries (e.g. AosTexts). Obviously the
> problem is not to lose the synchronization with the text (for emitting error
> positions).
I guess I had a similar problem with my version control stuff. In VCSBase
and DAVDeltavBase I'm using Oberon Texts which aren't available on Bluebottle.
So I sort of "bluebottled" them. On ketchup:FAT:/es/httproot/dav you can find
es.DAVObjects.Mod, es.DAVFonts.Mod and es.DAVTexts.Mod which especially don't
depend on Native Files any more.
I'm not sure but perhaps this could be useful to you.

Cheers, Edgar

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