Re (2): [Oberon] PC.Compile singularities

Patrik Reali reali at
Wed Feb 26 01:23:14 CET 2003

Hi Edgar,

> I guess I had a similar problem with my version control stuff. In VCSBase
> and DAVDeltavBase I'm using Oberon Texts which aren't available on
> So I sort of "bluebottled" them. On ketchup:FAT:/es/httproot/dav you can
> es.DAVObjects.Mod, es.DAVFonts.Mod and es.DAVTexts.Mod which especially
> depend on Native Files any more.
> I'm not sure but perhaps this could be useful to you.

I already switcher to the AosTexts.UnicodeText of Thomas. There is a
converted in AosTextUtilities (LoadOberonText).

Thanks anyway!


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