[Oberon] PPP & multi-tasking/initialising

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Tue Feb 25 20:01:27 CET 2003

>> Can not open port, error = 1

Peter Easthope wrote:
> I found that, assuming the port is available, the V24 
> panel can open it and issue the "ATZ" and "ATD T539..." 
> commands directly.  Also, the V24.Panel can store these 
> commands in the drop-down menu to the right of the Log 
> button.

cg> What are the multi-tasking implications ?

> A question for the experts.  Patrik, Pieter, 
> Thomas?  I am just an amateur user.

This is an OPEN forum, but I get few answers.

cg> 2. The dialer/ppp 'combination' does not close the port (which it used)
     at   PPPMain.StopInst   ?     Why not ?

This is what I find:
V2.3.6 suggest when logging-off of ISP use NetSystem.Stop
This removed the NetSystem task.
{  What happens to any exported global variables of NetSystem ?
When they are accessed by another module, the NetSystem module
is reloaded ?  And the NetSystem.<globalVar> has a default value ?
Or indeterminate ? }

For Ver 14 Aug 2001 apparently NetSystem.Stop is not 'recommended'.  
PPPMain.StopInst is 'recomended'.
Here we badly need version-control.

So System.ShowTasks shows that NetSystem is still running after the
ISP session is finished. 

I'm guessing that NetSystem.Stop would allow the next dial-out to
execute properly after a fail error - which I'll test if/when I
get the critical error again.

Edgar gave me special assistance to set up my Ver 2001.
{ I was annoyed that well working V2.3.2, 2.3.6 was 'updated' to
give problems.}   I'd be interested to know how later versions are.
Does System.ShowTasks show NetSystem still installed after the
ISP session is completed ?

I still want to find how the Ctrl <break> TRAP, repeated to apparently
occur in a critical state, allows escaping the hang-condition.
re. Reiser's book:
cg> It will be difficult for me to get this 
book [_The Oberon System_] in a hurry.

> Ch. 15 is only 19 pages.  Provide an address 
> and I'll mail a photocopy.

 PO Box 9105,
Brentwood Park,
South Africa.
Photostat both sides is good. Don't matter about page sequencing.

-- Chris Glur.

PS. Oh drat !! 
After NetSystem.Stop ,  my dial/connenct script which has:
 " NetSystem.SetUser pap:2nm4nx6x$za:<paswrd>@PPP ~ "
does not reload the NetSystem module ?!
Why ?

Need to re-boot  -   or  NetSystem.Start.

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