[Oberon] Unfortunate consequence of multiple partitions

eas-lab at absamail.co.za eas-lab at absamail.co.za
Tue Feb 25 22:51:46 CET 2003

The addition of multiple IDE partitions to n-o's flat file structure,
IMO was the main improvement post V2.3.6 which makes n-o
viable for 'heavy duty' general purpose usage.

The file Copy, Rename, Delete, Search ... etc. operations
extended nicely to the multiple IDE partitions.

The serious problem (for heavy duty users) resulting from multiple 
partitions, which is analagous to having to manually garbage collect,
I think could be solved/automated:

*  a text-stretch from partition A which is pasted to a text of
    partition B, crashes the system after the 'src' file's partition: A ;
    is unmount, because the pointer/reference to A is lost.

The need to Store, Close and reLoad the file before unmounting the source
partition is very un-oberonish ?!   Pasting between several partitions
becomes unmanagable, without 'book-keeping assistance'.

Is there any intention to 'automate' this in future ?
Perhaps a disabling of OFSTools.Unmount with a System.Log
warning, when the 'ref-count <> 0' would suffice ?

The user needs to unmount partitions for several reasons -
especially to reduce 'search space'.

-- Chris Glur.

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