Re (2): [Oberon] PPP & multi-tasking/initialising

peter_easthope at peter_easthope at
Wed Feb 26 00:32:15 CET 2003


cg> What are the multi-tasking implications ?

PPP runs in the background and should be 
available to any task that needs it.  Of
course, in Oberon, there is only one 
forground task at any time as I understand.

Example: send a message with the mail panel.
When that is finished, open an "http://...".
These two user tasks invoke the same
instance of PPP at consecutive times.
All PPP knows is that various packets 
are moving to and fro.

cg> So System.ShowTasks shows that NetSystem is still running after the
ISP session is finished. 

Does that mean that the module remains
loaded or that PPP remains operational 
in the background?  Sorry I can't answer.

cg> I'd be interested to know how later versions are.
Does System.ShowTasks show NetSystem still installed after the
ISP session is completed ?

Will test from home at the weekend if 
I remember.

Regards,      Peter E.

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