[Oberon] Win32 Plugin Oberon, status report II

Felix Friedrich friedrich at gsf.de
Mon Mar 17 09:14:57 CET 2003

>I hope that you can open the Champaign today :-)
not yet, unfortunately. I had quite a lot to do on the weekend and nearly 
no time for programing. I'll go on trying today...

>I would like to try to port my WebDAV client to PluginOberon.
>Because when I tried to port it to Native (November 2001) I found that
>I had problems with the port of AosIO when trying to assign methods to the
>AosIO.Sender variable.
>So my qestion is whether this should work or isn't this stuff supported by
>the Native compiler of November 2001 ?
>Perhaps an upgrade to a newer Native would help ?

I am currently working at the core of the new PluginOberon, parts are 
AosIO, Filesystems etc., so I think when this is done, porting WebDAV 
shouldn't make any problems (hopefully).
I would have expected, that AosIO works with NativeOberon also, since it 
doesn't contain any active Object keywords (like AWAIT, EXCLUSIVE etc.)
What kind of problems occured when you tried to assign the Sender variable ?

Cheers, Felix.

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