[Oberon] Win32 Plugin Oberon, status report II

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 17 17:01:28 CET 2003

--- Edgar at EdgarSchwarz.de wrote:
> Felix Friedrich <friedrich at gsf.de>:
> > hope to get PluginAos starting up during the
> weekend,
> > IF so THEN
> > 	SYSTEM.PUT(Champaign, Mouth(Felix)) (* nearly
> done .... ;) *)
> > ELSE
> > 	SYSTEM.PUT(Beer, Mouth(SYSTEM.VAL(Felix, picture
> of misery)))  (* more 
> > work waiting ;(  *)
> I hope that you can open the Champaign today :-)
> I would like to try to port my WebDAV client to
> PluginOberon.
> Because when I tried to port it to Native (November
> 2001) I found that
> I had problems with the port of AosIO when trying to
> assign methods to the
> AosIO.Sender variable.
> So my qestion is whether this should work or isn't
> this stuff supported by
> the Native compiler of November 2001 ?
> Perhaps an upgrade to a newer Native would help ?
> Cheers, Edgar

Yes.  It doesn't seem like the Native Oberon
compiler supports assigning procedure variables
to methods.  (Would someone on this list who
knows more about both compilers please comment?)
When I was porting XML I did workarounds for
this issue whenever it came up.  Which module
were you attempting to port?


John M. Drake

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