[Oberon] Problem with NIL Check (NIL Page Access)

Fernando Passold fpassold at das.ufsc.br
Wed Mar 19 00:56:06 CET 2003

Hello people,

 I am trying to use the:

Oberon System 3 for WindowsTM
 Win32 2.3 (25.2.1999) on Windows NT 5.0

because this is the only one S.O. available to put to
run a real SCARA robot... I think that today there is
a new and better version but unfortunately I must to deal
with this version.

The big problem is that frequently I receive this mesage:
- Trap kind: NIL Check (NIL Page Access)
- Task Entry: TelnetServer.SessionHandler.Run
- Task Id: 11
- Task Status: Halted
- Trapped Procedure Frame: Modules.CheckScope
- Current Instruction Pointer: 0003B660H
- Relative PC: 8528
- Stack Dump Follows:

  Modules.CheckScope           PC: 8528
    dsc                      = 0
    elem                     = NIL
    fp                       = 541683299
    i                        = 0
    level                    = -1
    link                     = 1869443169
    tadr                     = NIL
    tdadr                    = 8689208
  Modules.CheckScope           PC: 8676
... and so on....

    And this occours after I command:
"XO> Main.CreateRobot  ~" (the first one to use to
initialize all the variables of the system to controll the
robot)... And the system hangs up after this...

 I was thinkig it occours because the lenght of the
code (over than 65Kbytes), and this system (maybe) are not
prepared to point memory locations (pointers) above 2^{16}...
But maybe this is not the reason because I have made cuts
in the code to srink it but the problem persists.

 Someone could "give me a light" to fix this problem?
At least, to suggest how I could manage this kind of
information to discover were is located the error?

thanks in advance,

FeRnando Passold
PhD Doctor Student at  DAS/LAI - UFSC - Florianópolis/SC - BRAZIL

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