[Oberon] Re. Usb Zip drive support in BlueBottle

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Sat Mar 22 09:38:32 CET 2003

John M. Drake wrote:
> I'm trying to use a USB Zip 750 drive from 
> BlueBottle.  I can mount the drive, view
> the directory, explore the drive ect. 
> without any problems.  But as soon as 
> I try to read or write the disk 
> BlueBottle hangs up and I have to do a 
> cold boot. ....

Sorry, I can't help but I'm interested to see
any oberon code for Iomega Zip drives.

I understand that BlueBottle uses/extends much of the
 native-oberon code ?

My 2001 version of n-o shows no applicable *ip.Obj .

Where would I see some n-o appropriate/modifyable
source code for Iomega Zip drives, with out being 
*swamped* by BlueBottle ?

--  Chris Glur.   

PS. the recent c.l.o. post about having to throw away
your Wirthian code every 6 years makes me more worried
about my investment in n-o.

Continuity, of course is the main reason for the success 
of WinTel.

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