[Oberon] Re: USB Zip drive under BlueBottle or Native Oberon?

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Sat Mar 22 14:46:28 CET 2003

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jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com (jmdrake) wrote: 

> Hello all,
> I was just wondering if anyone has managed to get a Zip drive to
> work under BlueBottle or Native Oberon.  Here's the deal.  My
> Windows 98 machine died on me yet again.  However I noticed that
> I can still reach the FAT partiction if I boot BlueBottle from
> a CD.  I can download files to floppies but of course that's
> slow and painful.  So I'm hoping that I can connect via USB
> and copy to a Zip drive.  Has anyone else tried this?  Hey
> maybe there's a market for BlueBottle as a system recovery
> utility.  ;-)
I've mentioned before that native oberon (even just the 1M4
installer diskette) has massive debug/recovery facilities.
Even down to inspecting & manipulating on partitions, sectors
- as I remember.

Have you got a spare partition; or one which you can sacrifice ?
Apparently not.
Under n-o you could make it n-o type and copy the files across.
Apparently you don't have a minimal linux boot disk ?

Have you got a spare machine which can also run V24.Obj ?
Perhaps you can spend a few minutes to document how to
modify the existing V24.Panel functionality to :
   V24Gadgets.Send <file>  ?
Then perhaps you can make a Configuration.DoText script of:---
V24Gadgets.Send <file1>
V24Gadgets.Send <fileN>
-----end script

And go for coffee, it it's a bit slow.

We need a documented simple method the copy from notebook
to pc via n-o.  The nul modem wiring is available.
Remember V24 needs to find the port closed/free.

-- Chris Glur.

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