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John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 25 23:38:39 CET 2003

--- eas-lab at absamail.co.za wrote:
> jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com (jmdrake) wrote: 
> > Edgar wrote:
> > If you just want to save what you can from your
> dead (non booting)
> > partition I would try to add a second disk and
> then copy the stuff over.
> > Whether you do this with Bluebottle, Linux, W98 or
> other stuff
> > you boot from CD or diskette doesn't matter.
> Some people don't like to open the box and fiddle,
> but that's how
> I would do it.   My boxes have no covers and IDEs
> loose to remove.
> I have had FAT partitions that neither linux nor
> various MS-stuff
> nor even the HD manufacturer's tools could access,
> yet n-o
> could read with out problems !

First, thanks Chris and Edgar for the info.  Yes
I did think about about popping the drive into a
working machine and that may be what I end up
doing.  But when this shiny new USB Zip drive
came in I thought "hey this might save me some
work, plus I'll get to test out BlueBottle
further at the same time".  I still think it's
worth looking into.  I'm sure there's other
applications of USB storage devices besides
crash recovery.  ;-)
> cg> We need a documented simple method the copy from
> notebook
> to pc via n-o. 
> Peter E.  wrote:
> > If one of the machines can provide an FTP server
> > from BlueBottle or Linux, PPP would also work
> > over the null modem cable.
> But why bother with an extra layer of complexity ?

Ok.  I don't know if this is on target to the 
question Chris asked, but from a recovery 
standpoint ethernet might be nice.  I'm not
sure if on-motherboard network connection is
3COM compliant (with my luck I'd bet it's not).
Can you reconfigure the network settings
(found in Oberon.Text) after bootup?
> > Anyway back to your question.  The code that I
> > used to do this didn't seem to be BlueBottle
> > specific, but I don't know for sure.  I used 
> > OFS.Tool (Oberon File System?) to mount the 
> > Zip drive.  The internal Zip drive shows up 
> > as a removeable IDE Fat 16 partition.  Are
> > you trying to use an IDE Zip drive or a 
> > parallel port Zip?
> Previously I was interested in using parallel port
> Zip
> for transfering between machines, but the advance of
> technology has made IDE HDs so cheap that it's
> easier to
> move them between machines.   I'm still interested
> to
> see code for Zip (or any other devices) par-port
> drivers.
> -- Chris Glur.

Yeah.  The difficulty I see here is that I don't
know of any standards for parallel port devices.
That's the hope I see for USB.  If anyone gets
it working right for one USB storage device,
it should work for others.


John M. Drake

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