[Oberon] Please, what does it means? And how do deal with this?

Fernando Passold fpassold at das.ufsc.br
Wed Mar 26 18:05:55 CET 2003


I still does not understand what does mean this enigmatic run-time mesage:
" Trap kind: Instruction-Fetch from No-Execute Segment" !?

As the code has any problem to compile...

>  <mcintosh at vima.austin.tx.us> wrote on Wednesday, March 26, 2003 1:22 PM
> My approach would be to see if you have a pointer to an object that is not
initialized, and if you have compiled the program with all of the protection
turned off, "for efficiency"
> Would you be comfortable putting the source to Robot on a web page where
we could look at it?

    Thanks... I will try further. I allready have take a looking for some
objetc that
possible was not initialized but it does not seem so... As the error only
occours whit
an specific situation of one variable (execution of a CASE statement), I
think that at really
that is a problem of duration overflow with execution of this task.... It's
a little frustating... And the
source code is about 70 Kbytes. I do not think thay someone would take a
It's a little big and complex.... I will try to enlarge the time specified
execute (duration) of this taks to see what will happen.... But sometimes is
a little
frustating programming in XOberon.....



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