[Oberon] Please, what does it means? And how do deal with this?

Fernando Passold fpassold at das.ufsc.br
Wed Mar 26 20:56:27 CET 2003

Hello people,

> I still does not understand what does mean this enigmatic run-time mesage:
> " Trap kind: Instruction-Fetch from No-Execute Segment" !?
> As the code has any problem to compile...

 This mesage does mean: this "toy real-time operation system"
does not have accomplished a task until  the deadline time
especified!!! Only this!!!

> >  <mcintosh at vima.austin.tx.us> wrote on Wednesday, March 26, 2003 1:22 PM
> > My approach would be to see if you have a pointer to an object that is
> initialized, and if you have compiled the program with all of the
> turned off, "for efficiency"
> > Would you be comfortable putting the source to Robot on a web page where
> we could look at it?

 It was only a matter of adjust the parameters to execute the
real-time task related with the problem.... But really.. the mesage
generated by the system does not even ressambles to this....

 Please, I pray that a new version of the Oberon System came
with more clear mesages... and please, a more user-friendly
interface with Undo option for editing a code and a scroll
bar that acts like traditional other operations systems has
Windows or Linux. Not the strange MM + ML + MR schema
to edit document with click and "inter-click" of mouse. of
3 buttons!!!! (the thirtd button is really a ball to scroll pages
that I have do disabled to work with Oberon System 3).

    And a question: does a real-time system
put in a halted state a real-time task!? It is supposed that this
task is critical... In my case, two times when this occours, the real
robot still moves until it reaches a end-switch because the real-time
task that was halted was just the one related to send the joint
torques to the robot. Fortunately the robot was developing a slow
velocity... otherwise...

thanks by the support and good luck for the team,

Fernando Passold.

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