Mouse (was Re: [Oberon] Please, what does it means? And how do deal with this?)

John Drake jmdrake_98 at
Thu Mar 27 16:57:56 CET 2003

--- "Douglas G. Danforth" <danforth at>

> I agree with Fernando with regard to mouse
> interclicks.  I used Oberon 
> V4 and S3 for many years and thought the interclicks
> were quite 
> efficient and nice but a little awkward to use. 
> Having shifted to 
> Blackbox/Component Pascal I now see no advantage to
> interclicks.  Going 
> back to them is quite frustrating and they feel
> restrictive.
> So, my recommendation is also to adapt the more
> common mouse operations 
> of Windows and Linux.
> -Doug Danforth

Having used both BlackBox, V4 and S3 over the years
I like both.  I do still feel there's an advantage
to the interclicking scheme once you get used to it,
but it's not a big deal.  Anyway PlugIn Oberon S3
gives you a choice.  Fernando could move the XOberon
subsystem over to plugin Oberon.

But I wouldn't recommend tackling that before
getting past his current deadline.  Also there
are some programs that are "hardcoded" for using
the middle mouse button (like Leonardo) so if
you use Plugin Oberon in two button mouse mode
such programs don't work correctly.


John M. Drake

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