Mouse (was Re: [Oberon] Please, what does it means? And how do deal with this?)

Douglas G. Danforth danforth at
Thu Mar 27 04:51:00 CET 2003

Fernando Passold wrote:

>  Please, I pray that a new version of the Oberon System came
> with more clear mesages... and please, a more user-friendly
> interface with Undo option for editing a code and a scroll
> bar that acts like traditional other operations systems has
> Windows or Linux. Not the strange MM + ML + MR schema
> to edit document with click and "inter-click" of mouse. of
> 3 buttons!!!! (the thirtd button is really a ball to scroll pages
> that I have do disabled to work with Oberon System 3).

I agree with Fernando with regard to mouse interclicks.  I used Oberon 
V4 and S3 for many years and thought the interclicks were quite 
efficient and nice but a little awkward to use.  Having shifted to 
Blackbox/Component Pascal I now see no advantage to interclicks.  Going 
back to them is quite frustrating and they feel restrictive.

So, my recommendation is also to adapt the more common mouse operations 
of Windows and Linux.

-Doug Danforth

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