[Oberon] Re. Mouse

Fernando Passold fpassold at das.ufsc.br
Thu Mar 27 18:01:44 CET 2003

Hy Douglas,

    Excuse me about my bad english. But if you could give me
suggestions to fix my problem, I will appreciate. 

    I am only
an engineer of automatation nor a software engineer having
troubles to deal with this language/system other than
with the controll algorithms that it is supposed to be tested. 
And I only have more 7 days to finish all the practices with the
controllers. I have spent 2 months to implement an artificial
neural module that in MATLAB only requires 2 weeks to be
usefull. But I have spent only one week to implement position
controll algorithms in cartesian space that others here does not
accomplish in 6 monyhs. And now I have been facing with an
enigmatic run-time error message that for me means nothing.
And my time here is gone out. It does not mean "satisfactory" or 
"productive" for me... Sorry. Worse, for me and other persons
who have worked with this system, it seems difficult and
frustating to work with it.


Fernando Passold

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