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John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 27 16:52:07 CET 2003

--- eas-lab at absamail.co.za wrote:

> No !!    Ghost has gone.  Don't revive the ghost.
> Do you want "more common" or more efficient  ?
> What do you mean by "restrictive" ?
> By "efficient" I mean:
>  *  I can have 50% of my hands free, to hold a book,
> or papers ...etc.
>  *  touch typists keep a finger of each hand on the
> keyboard, so they
>      don't have to take their eyes off their work to
> see where a specific
>      key is.  Using (dumbed down) mouse and keys
> would need to
>      take their eyes of their work to find a key.
>  * ... and much more ...
> My 2001 version uses F8 to toggle to 'dumbed down'
> mode (starts default).
> This has advantages for potential users who come
> from 'normal',
> to taste some of the advantages of n-o other than
> the UI, without
> having a nervous breakdown.
> -- Chris Glur.
> PS. n-o never pretended to be a real time OS.
> If Fernando wanted to get 'closer to RT' he should
> use 
> native StandAlone, which I don't think gives any
> error mesgs.
> like he showed ?

Fernando isn't using N-O.  He's using XOberon which
IS realtime.  XOberon is hosted by Windows Oberon
System 3, but the key word is "hosted".  It has
a cross compiler to generate PowerPC code.  The
PPC code is downloaded to the embedded system
board which has a real-time version of Oberon
System 3 on it.  Please see:

> I think Fernando has no chance of succeeding:
>    First he must learn to answer relevant questions
> which were asked.
>       eg. is he using asmb, is he using SYSTEM.Mod

Actually I do think he has a chance of succeeding.
Also it doesn't sound like he's using assembler
or SYSTEM.  It's hard for those of us who aren't
using XOberon to visualize what's going on.  I
downloaded it to "play" with it a bit, but since
I don't have a PowerPC board to test it with
it's not of much use to me.  What would be 
helpful is if there was an emulator for the PPC
under Oberon.  That or a version of XOberon that
ran on the Intel platform also.


John M. Drake

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