[Oberon] Re: Top posting

Pieter Muller pieter.muller at alumni.ethz.ch
Sun May 4 12:37:25 CEST 2003

Hi Peter

I think "top posting" refers to the practice of posting a reply to a 
message above the quoted text (like here), instead of inline.  This is a 
common practice in environments where emails are often forwarded to 
other persons in "mid-conversation", to retain the full history of 
replies.  It is less desirable in a mailing list, where all messages are 
archived anyway, and letting messages grow is more wasteful.

There are arguments for and against this practice, but a discussion of 
this is definitely off-topic for this list.

-- Pieter

peter_easthope at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca wrote:

>cg> ... degenerated to top posting ( apparently 
>outspook 'promotes' top-posting ?).
>Please tell me what "top-posting" means.  I 
>do not know this term.
>Thanks,       Peter E.
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