[Oberon] Unintended feature activation of Mail.Send

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Mon May 5 07:31:16 CEST 2003


   I noticed recently in a posting of Peter Easthope the compressed
"AsciiCoder.DecodeText %" attatched duplicate of the original text;
which I guessed that he had sent by mistake.

Now, I too, for the first time that I remember seeing it, find that my
command:  Mail.Send  <list of files> ,
posts the <list of files> each with the AsciiCoder-compression
attatchment !!

Why ?
This is bad !
I'm guessing that if the file to be e-mailed, has any ORD(char) > 127
  then ISO 8bit is automagically selected ?
I still have the file which triggered the 
"send AsciiCoder-compression-attatchment-mode".
But a quick visual inspection didn't show any strange characters.

Mail.Mod shows:
ROCEDURE SendReplyLine*(S: NetTools.Session; cont: MIME.Content);
		S.reply := "Done ";
		CASE cont.encoding OF
			MIME.EncBin: Strings.Append(S.reply, "ASCII")
			|MIME.Enc8Bit: Strings.Append(S.reply, "ASCII (ISO 8bit)")
			|MIME.Enc7Bit: Strings.Append(S.reply, "ASCII (ISO 7bit)")
			|MIME.EncQuoted: Strings.Append(S.reply, "ASCII (ISO quoted)")
MIME.EncAsciiCoderC: Strings.Append(S.reply, "Oberon + Text") <--!!!
			|MIME.EncAsciiCoderCPlain: Strings.Append(S.reply, "Oberon")
But I really don't want to analyse this if somebody can just give the answer.
{Have you seen the size of the IMPORT list of Mail.Mod !! }

* How can I prevent this happening ?

* Am I right that the unintended mode is set for the rest of the file-list
once it is detected in the first 'bad argument' of: Mail.Send  <list of files> ?
In that case I should put files that may be non-ascii at the end of the list
of: Mail.Send  <list of files> ?

*  Do any readers know what the 2 possible conditions are that  set
the "send AsciiCoder-compression-attatchment-mode" ?
Ie. what are conditions: MIME.EncAsciiCoder, MIME.EncAsciiCoderC ?

Thanks for any answers,

Chris Glur --

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