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Edgar at Edgar at
Thu May 22 22:56:47 CEST 2003

peter_easthope at wrote
> > Pieter Muller <pieter.muller at> wrote:
> > For the escape mechanism I suggest URL encoding:
> >
> Certainly a better idea than quoting each 
> argument.  Seems that this encoding might
> extend to Unicode.
> es> The only problem would be 0X.
> If 0X is encoded at %00 why is it a problem?
NetSystem.GetPassword (service, host: ARRAY OF CHAR;
	VAR user, password: ARRAY OF CHAR);
There will be a problem to retrieve a password with embedded 0X.
But this is a minor problem :-)

> cg> Is it good to just fix your own problem and allow n-o to remain
> non-compliant ?
> Absolutely not.  I have been working on 
> Oberon PPP and still intend to fix DNS 
> negotiation if nobody else does.
Didn't you fix it already in your PPP code ?
I wasn't in a hurry to include it in a new release because it doesn't
seem that urgent at the moment and I'm still working on other matters.

eas-lab at wrote
> Am I right that pre-PAP authentication (login: ID and/or password)
> can be catered for in the 'Dial section' of OberonText ?
Yes. I had this with my first provider some years ago. You also get this
feature with other programs. E.g. kppp (Linux) also allows to define
dialer scripts for login.

Cheers, Edgar

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