Re (6): [Oberon] PPP

peter_easthope at peter_easthope at
Fri May 23 03:02:41 CEST 2003


es> Didn't you fix it already in your PPP code ?

All I did was give the DNS option a place
in the case statement so that Oberon PPP 
doesn't just treat it as a faulty case 
and quit.  Fixing it properly will entail
storing away DNS addresses locally and 
acknowledging to the peer.  

As explained in the PPP notes, there is 
a question about how to respond to a frame
containing an acceptable option (eg. a DNS 
address) and an unacceptable option.  My 
naive idea is to send back two reply frames, 
one for each option.  In general this means 
that any incoming frame can require 3 or 4 
reply frames.  Considering that I wasn't 
sure of this idea and that other matters 
were pressing, I procrastinated.  If anyone 
can read the PPP notes and confirm the  
multi-frame-reply idea or suggest a better 
way, it would help.

es> I wasn't in a hurry to include it in a new release because it doesn't
seem that urgent at the moment and I'm still working on other matters.

That is OK Edgar,

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