[Oberon] ETH Win Aos Oberon, first alpha release

Felix Friedrich friedrich at gsf.de
Fri May 23 18:37:05 CEST 2003

Hello everyone,

I have just finished the first alpha release of the ETH Win Aos Oberon System.

It contains an Active Objects Kernel similar to that of the current 
Bluebottle version. The ETH Plugin Oberon System 2.41 as released from Emil 
Zeller was modified to run on top of that kernel.

The implementation of the Active Object System on Windows was built 
following the outline in the dissertation of P.J.Muller:
  		"P. J. Muller - The Active Object System Design and Multiprocessor 
Implementation - Dissertation ETH Nr. 14755, 2002 "
For the adaption of the Plugin Oberon System (release 2.41) to this new 
implementation,  E.Zeller's dissertation
		"E.Zeller - Fine-grain Integration of Oberon into Windows using Pluggable 
Objects - Dissertation ETH, 2003 "
has been used as guideline.

As the software is still in "alpha" stage, unexpected behaviour cannot be 
excluded; nevertheless, as far as I could see, the Oberon System runs stable.
For a detailed list of changes and some notes concerning the new release 
please open the file WinAos.Text from within the installation of Oberon.
Please DO also read about known problems in WinAos.Text (!)

Most significant changes (compared with ETH Plugin Oberon 2.41):
- Support of Active Objects ({ACTIVE},{EXCLUSIVE} etc.), see 
- No Oberon path in the Windows registry needed. The Registry access is 
replaced by access to "Oberon.Text"
- (Theoretically) mountable file system

You can now find an installer file on http://www.bluebottle.ethz.ch/WinAos/ 
or http://www.antsinfields.de/download/WinAosOberon/030523/  for the time 

If you observe any problems, recover bugs or if you have any 
wishes,ideas,suggestions,comments,complaints or blames then
p l e a s e
contact me (friedrich at gsf.de) or write it to this maillist.

With the best wishes for the weekend

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