[Oberon] ETH Win Aos Oberon, first alpha release

PhiHo Hoang phiho.hoang at rogers.com
Fri May 23 20:13:31 CEST 2003


    Thanks a lot.

    Is there any guides for porting BlueBottles apps to Win Aos Oberon ?
    How can I build Aos.exe ?



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Subject: [Oberon] ETH Win Aos Oberon, first alpha release

> Hello everyone,
> I have just finished the first alpha release of the ETH Win Aos Oberon
> It contains an Active Objects Kernel similar to that of the current
> Bluebottle version. The ETH Plugin Oberon System 2.41 as released from
> Zeller was modified to run on top of that kernel.
> The implementation of the Active Object System on Windows was built
> following the outline in the dissertation of P.J.Muller:
>   "P. J. Muller - The Active Object System Design and Multiprocessor
> Implementation - Dissertation ETH Nr. 14755, 2002 "
> For the adaption of the Plugin Oberon System (release 2.41) to this new
> implementation,  E.Zeller's dissertation
> "E.Zeller - Fine-grain Integration of Oberon into Windows using Pluggable
> Objects - Dissertation ETH, 2003 "
> has been used as guideline.
> As the software is still in "alpha" stage, unexpected behaviour cannot be
> excluded; nevertheless, as far as I could see, the Oberon System runs
> For a detailed list of changes and some notes concerning the new release
> please open the file WinAos.Text from within the installation of Oberon.
> Please DO also read about known problems in WinAos.Text (!)
> Most significant changes (compared with ETH Plugin Oberon 2.41):
> - Support of Active Objects ({ACTIVE},{EXCLUSIVE} etc.), see
> http://bluebottle.ethz.ch/languagereport/index.html
> - No Oberon path in the Windows registry needed. The Registry access is
> replaced by access to "Oberon.Text"
> - (Theoretically) mountable file system
> You can now find an installer file on
> or http://www.antsinfields.de/download/WinAosOberon/030523/  for the time
> being.
> If you observe any problems, recover bugs or if you have any
> wishes,ideas,suggestions,comments,complaints or blames then
> p l e a s e
> contact me (friedrich at gsf.de) or write it to this maillist.
> With the best wishes for the weekend
> Felix.
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