[Oberon] AntsInFields, WinAos Oberon

Felix Friedrich friedrich at gsf.de
Tue May 27 16:38:23 CEST 2003

Hello everybody,

since ETHWinAosOberon is now released, a           new version of 
AntsInFields           has been created that runs on top of the new ETH Win 
Aos Oberon System. There are no significant changes to AntsInFields but 
only some adaptions have been made to make it running with the new Kernel. 
(Especially the antsSecurity.Loop has been made an Active Object like the 
Oberon Loop etc.) Seen from a math teacher's perspective, the most 
significant change is, that ETH Win Aos Oberon (and thus also AntsInFields) 
can now be run from a CD without Installer and is thus more "mobile". (I 
know, best would have been directly from the Internet... )

For those who are interested: An installer can be found at 
some more information about it is also available at http://www.antsinfields.de



Felix Friedrich

Institut für Biomathematik und Biometrie
GSF - Forschungszentrum für Umwelt und Gesundheit, GmbH
Ingolstädter Landstraße 1, D-85764 Neuherberg

Tel:      ++49 89 3187 2436
email:  friedrich at gsf.de


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