[Oberon] bluebottle

Felix Friedrich friedrich at gsf.de
Fri Jun 6 10:26:43 CEST 2003

I have started the recent Bluebottle release on threee computers and here 
is some report:

1.) Old 133MhZ Pentium1 128MB serial mouse
- booting the release from 29.January of Bluebottle was no problem.
- Had to adjust the Boot1 line to get serial mouse running
- problem was the display speed -> when touching the border of the screen, 
desktop was scrolling around (flickering) and did not stop, maybe a mouse 
problem or simply speed. (this problem would be solved with the new release 
but see below.)
- generally, the machine seems to be too slow for Bluebottle (this might be 
a purely subjective view stemming from the flickering of the old monitor 
together with the low vertical frequency etc.  )
- could not boot the recent CD (I don't know the reason, maybe the drive 
did not detect the CD, I'll give it another try with the next CD)

2.) SONY Vario Notebook, mobile Pentium III 1200MhZ, 512MB, with internal 
PS/2 Mouse+ external USB mouse, external TFT Display and external Keyboard
- my working machine, there is Linux, WinXP and Bluebottle installed on it.
- have booted and installed the release of 29.Jaunary, everything fine.
- booted the CD with recent release, everything fine but the USB mouse was 
not detected  (even not after editing Boot1 line and discarding detection 
of the PS/2 mouse ) -> could not test the function of the wheel for zooming

3.) Fast desktop computer,  1,4 GHz (ca.), wireless USB Mouse, 1GB Memory,
- have booted the recent release, everything fine but zooming with the 
mouse wheel does not work

Is there an auxiliary key combination for zooming ? (For all those who 
don't have a wheel mouse). I can't wait to see the zooming, cool idea.
Generally, what about the infinite sized desktop? Have you discarded this 
approach? I liked it (but there should have been some mechanism to get it 
What about a (for example) mouse rightclick menu? If all menus have been 
closed, there seems to be no way to start some application.


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