[Oberon] bluebottle

Thomas Frey frey at inf.ethz.ch
Fri Jun 6 11:30:40 CEST 2003

> 2.) SONY Vario Notebook, mobile Pentium III 1200MhZ, 512MB, with internal
> PS/2 Mouse+ external USB mouse, external TFT Display and external Keyboard
> - my working machine, there is Linux, WinXP and Bluebottle installed on
> - have booted and installed the release of 29.Jaunary, everything fine.
> - booted the CD with recent release, everything fine but the USB mouse was
> not detected  (even not after editing Boot1 line and discarding detection
> of the PS/2 mouse ) -> could not test the function of the wheel for
The USB code was not changed. Some new usb mices no longer support the
normal mouse protocol.

> 3.) Fast desktop computer,  1,4 GHz (ca.), wireless USB Mouse, 1GB Memory,
> - have booted the recent release, everything fine but zooming with the
> mouse wheel does not work
> Is there an auxiliary key combination for zooming ? (For all those who
> don't have a wheel mouse). I can't wait to see the zooming, cool idea.
> Generally, what about the infinite sized desktop? Have you discarded this
> approach? I liked it (but there should have been some mechanism to get it
> "centered").

It is still there. In this release (4.6.2003) the Meta key on the Keyboard
needs to be held down for navigation.
(The meta key is the "windows" key on most new keyboards)
The following navigation is currently possible:
- Wheel = zoom
- move the pointer out of a border --> move the view
- left click into window --> Zoom window content to full-screen (Make sure,
the window sizes are
the same as displey resolution for best results --> see Menu.XML (open ASCII
!!!!!) to change the
Oberon window size)
- left click to border --> Window + border = fullscreen (not very useful,
probably goes away)
- right click into window --> set window size to default (useful if window
was resized)
- home --> Show all deskspace objects
- end --> center of screen to 1:1 resolution
- left, right, up, down --> move to the respective next screen (in the
current resolution) (useful for many displays)
- PgUp, PgDn --> zoom 2x / 0.5x relative to current zoom

Putting the navigation into a quasi-mode (holding the meta key) allows
normal working and handling of wheel input
by the applications.

> What about a (for example) mouse rightclick menu? If all menus have been
> closed, there seems to be no way to start some application.
Yes. This is just an in between release. A more persistent menu will be back
with the
next stable release.


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