[Oberon] Porting WebDAV to BlueBottle for Windows

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 16 16:09:15 CEST 2003

Hello all,

Well I've finally done it!  WebDAV running under a
Windows version of Oberon!  Actually I haven't tested
it yet.  Just happy to get a clean compile.  Note that
it doesn't "compile out of the box".  I had to copy
the following files over from the "native" version of

AosDNS.Mod, AosIP.Mod, AosNet.Mod, AosTCP.Mod,
AosTcpServices.Mod, AosUDP.Mod, TFClasses.Mod,

(Note: I've noticed that some of the above files
have already been copied into the latest version
of BlueBottle for Windows).

Also I had to copy over the XML modules.  And I
had to copy the procedure AtomicInc from the native
"AosKernel.Mod" to "Win32.AosKernel.Mod".

Anyway, so far so good.


John M. Drake

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