[Oberon] Porting WebDAV to BlueBottle for Windows

Felix Friedrich friedrich at gsf.de
Wed Jun 18 09:46:31 CEST 2003

Hi John,

>AosDNS.Mod, AosIP.Mod, AosNet.Mod, AosTCP.Mod,
>AosTcpServices.Mod, AosUDP.Mod, TFClasses.Mod,
>(Note: I've noticed that some of the above files
>have already been copied into the latest version
>of BlueBottle for Windows).

good news to hear. Copying AosTCP etc., however, is defenitely not enough, 
there will be no connection with these modules since there is no device 
driver AosNet.LinkDevice for the windows versions and will probably never 
be. For access to the internet, Winsock.DLL has to be used and that is 
incorporated in the recent WinAos Oberon version; there the files 
AosTCP.Mod etc. had all to be completely rewritten (keeping the same 
interface as in Bluebottle) to run together with Winsock.DLL.

>Also I had to copy over the XML modules.  And I
>had to copy the procedure AtomicInc from the native
>"AosKernel.Mod" to "Win32.AosKernel.Mod".

is also contained in the recent WinAos system. I am trying to reintegrate 
all the Bluebottle functionalities in the WinAos system.


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