[Oberon] IMAP4 server

Thomas Frey frey at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Jul 1 22:26:11 CEST 2003

> Is there an IMAP4 server project in BlueBottle, BlackBox, or other Oberon?
None that I know.

> I am convinced that, with an small enhancement, it would be the next "Big
> Application"
Me, too... Especially combined with some SPAM avoidance strategies.

>I wonder if anyone had tried my tiny server on the 'not stable' releases?
I am running the BimboSMTPServer, very similar code on the always freshest
'not stable' releases on three machines. (I sent you the code January 21st
but not to the list)
The installations absorb thousands of spam email every month. The servers
accept all the addresses but do only relay the ones with known destinations
on the same machine. The message bodies of the "SPAM"s are thrown away.


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