[Oberon] sizing window in BlueBottle editor

Alan Freed AlFreed at ohio.net
Fri Jul 4 12:53:56 CEST 2003

Hi Thomas,

> Not yet. I am still looking for an appropriate behaviour. The editor 
> component can do it but not yet if it is embedded in a window. 

When finished, I will probably use this Editor more than I use Oberon 
under BlueBottle.  

>> One last question.  I've heard that there is a great file manager in 
>> the works.  When
>> will this become available?
> Good question. Isn't there a blue Configuration.DoCommands in the 
> AosTools.Tool (in the current release) ? (I rarely install from the 
> official release ;-) ) 

It is there.  Magnificent!  May I suggest that this be put on the menu 
bar when BlueBottle opens.
Surely it could take the place of Bunny or Bones :-)


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