[Oberon] sizing window in BlueBottle editor

Thomas Frey frey at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Jul 3 18:17:36 CEST 2003

Alan Freed wrote:

> I just messed up my prior version of BlueBottle, so I took this 
> opportunity to install
> the latest release.  There are some very noticable chages, especially in 
> the efficiency
> of window resizing/motion.  Well done.
> The question I have is that the BlueBottle editor seems to have a fixed 
> size for the
> edit window.  It zooms nicely.  I like the fact that the font size can 
> be made to be of
> reasonable size for reading (a drawback of the Oberon environment). When 
> I went
> to stretch it out horizontally, because the window width is small, I 
> noticed that it
> stretched the fonts out horizontally but didn't change the effective 
> width of the
> editor box.  Is there a way I can chage the default window size in the 
> editor? 
Not yet. I am still looking for an appropriate behaviour. The editor 
component can do it but not yet if it is embedded in a window.

> Another observation about the editor.  When I opened a file (created in 
> Oberon)
> for editing, it clipped off the top of the file.
The File-Format is currently hard coded in the editor. I am still 
searching for a convenient and simple solution so that the user is aware 
of the file-format but does not have to care about it in normal operation.
Currently supported (but hard coded) formats are:
Experimental XML-Fileformat

It will be better if the Test of TestEditor is gone ;-)

> One last question.  I've heard that there is a great file manager in the 
> works.  When
> will this become available?
Good question. Isn't there a blue Configuration.DoCommands in the 
AosTools.Tool (in the current release) ? (I rarely install from the 
official release ;-) ) If yes, just click it. Be aware it is not so 
stable yet. If not, I can upload a new (current) release by end of next 
week or send the files on demand.


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