[Oberon] Re: Trap in storing a FAT file.

Peter Easthope peter_easthope at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca
Sun Jul 6 20:50:07 CEST 2003


cg> I'm guessing that your machine is testing (which was not done before) 
that  c.next = NIL occurs before the WHILE terminating condition is 

cg> Compiler.Compile *\f

Sure enough, the exection error is in this statement in 

WHILE (c.type # dcSentinel) & 
((c.type # dcFree) OR (c.entry.dirInfo.num < direntry.dirInfo.num)) 
DO p := c; c := c.next END;

Seems I need to make a comprehensive study of installable file 
systems and FAT.  For now, this is the Kernel.Log after turning 
on Trace and Detail in the module (and recompiling and 
reloading of course).  OFSFATVolumes should have written a 
raft of information which isn't there.  Enough for now.

Regards,        Peter E.

ETH Oberon / PC Native 05.01.2003
5 pages allocated, 4 pages reserved
ATADisks 08.12.2000 by cp, pjm, prk
IDE0..1: 14 000001F0 000003F6 reset ok
IDE2..3: 15 00000170 00000376 Status 00000170 1 65535 15 255 FF FF FF 80
00 00 1000
IDE0, 258MB, 944*14*40, QUANTUM LPS270A
OFSDiskVolumes: IDE0#2
00164378 System
0016B538 Objects
00171EC8 Display
SVGA: ET4000 800x600 (+55 offscreen)
00188FB8 Input
0018E6F8 V24
001960F8 Fonts
00199278 Viewers
0019C518 Reals
0019F108 Texts
001A9678 Oberon
00052AD8 TextFrames
0005ACA8 MenuViewers
000686A8 ET
000776E8 FileSystem
00192128 In
0007A4B8 Out
OFSDiskVolumes: IDE0#3
OFSDiskVolumes: IDE0#4
OFSFATVolumes: IDE0#1 mounted
OFSFATFiles: C added
00309408 Diskettes
003187A8 SavePoints
0031CCC8 SaveScreen
00320FD8 Display3
00329C88 Pictures
0032DC88 Bitmaps
00344A48 Math
00346F08 RandomNumbers
0036ACE8 NetSystem
00371028 NetBase
003739C8 NetPorts
00375638 NetIP
0037A1E8 NetUDP
0037CA08 NetTCP
00383918 NetDNS
00387DB8 Strings
0038E368 Dates
003950C8 PPPMain
00398B28 PPPHDLC
0039AE58 PPPDebug
0039E038 PPPTools
003A4978 PPPFSM
003A8698 PPPPAP
003B36E8 Net3Com509
3Com509: 11 00000210 00:60:97:08:40:CC 10baseT

TRAP -14 PC Native 05.01.2003
CS:=0000001B DS:=00000020 ES:=00000020 SS:=00000023 CR0=80040031
EIP=0002B243 ESI=00377748 EDI=003E3324 ESP=0011E280 CR2=00000000
EAX=00000000 EBX=00000000 ECX=003DAC4C EDX=00000003 CR3=0009D000
EBP=0011E298 FS:=00000000 GS:=00000000 ERR=00000004 CR4=00000000
EFLAGS=00013293 (OCPAZS=010101 IT=10 D=0 IOPL=11 NT=0 AC,VM,RF=001)
OFSFATVolumes PC=22443, OFSFATVolumes PC=24169, OFSFATFiles PC=2781, OFS
Files PC=2024, ET PC=14016, ET PC=14672, ET PC=15089, Oberon PC=4860, 
TextFrames PC=12027, ...


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