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Mon Jul 7 05:52:37 CEST 2003

Aubrey McIntosh write:-
(We would appreciate if you take some time and send us some feedback. 
Fill in the form below and
use the Oberon mailer to mail this document. 
Also feel free to make any changes you like. Thank you. ).

!! How much unintended traffic will this create ?

Hi Oberon Developers,

I found the following problem/have the following suggestion.

My Name:	Chris Glur
My Organization:	Semi retired

Problem/Suggestion:	User base too small; dependant on few contributors

User Survey (Optional):

Oberon satisfaction rating (0 - 100):  <--compared to what ? Satisfied=dead


I am using:		Windows 3.1  <--- DOSbased n-o & view *.ps, *.pdf ?
		Windows for Workgroups
		Windows 95
		Windows 98
		Windows NT 3.x
		Windows NT 4.x
		Windows 2000
		MacOS 6.x
		MacOS 7.x
		MacOS 8.x
		Linux                  <--- seldom for LNO
		Native Oberon for PC                  <--- continually

Amount of RAM:	 8MB	 16MB	 32 MB	 MB	 <--- 32 MB

Network Software:	 Microsoft TCP stack
	 Other:    <---  Native Oberon for PC  & Linux  

I have:	 No internet access
	 Direct internet access
	 Internet through PPP      <--- 
	 Internet through Slip

I	 don't use Oberon at the moment
	 plan to use Oberon
	 use some Oberon applications like text editing   <---
	 have written small Oberon programs   <---
	 constructed a user interface for my personal work with Oberon
	 have manipulated gadgets by program
	 have written an own gadget
	 find the user interface a little weird
	 like the user interface   <---
	 have done a larger project in Oberon
	 find the documentation lacking  <--- compared to what ?
	 would like to see more example programs
	 would be interested in the source of the system   <--- ? kernel
	 am in love with Oberon ! 
	My comments:
The much hated mouse-cording, is a language in its own right.
Perhaps analagous to 'stack-based' calculators (the original HP),
much loved by the users who learned how to use them fluently
- not me.

Apparently the proper piano finguring is also irritating at first ?
Chris Glur.

PS. is LNO (linux based n-o) X86 dependant, or
cound it run on a non-X86 Linux ? I guess not.

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