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John Drake jmdrake_98 at
Tue Aug 5 22:18:45 CEST 2003

--- eas-lab at wrote:

> Here's the log/trace of the start of my painfull
> journey - for
> possible guidance (avoid the same mistakes) of
> others:

Does your "painfull journey" include actually 
downloading WebDAV for Oberon and testing it out?
There are a few "kinks" in it but overall it
seems to work quite nicely. 
> 5. I see much reference to XML. I've always had
> negative attitude to
>     over use of HTML.  XML seem to be more of the
> same ? Someone
>    refered to XML as Xmas wrapping for garbage.

Then ya ain't gonna like BlueBottle GUI because it's
based on XML. :)

> What do you think about
>    these web-publications where pages are typically
> of 6 lines, with 4 links
>    to the next layer.   No substance - all fluff.  
> So I'll have to read an XML
>    tutor as well ?!

No.  Not if you simply want to USE WebDAV.  If you
want to help DEVELOP WebDAV then yes, you'll need
to know something about XML.  (I haven't heard
any requests from Edgar from help on WebDAV
development at the moment.)
> How much effort is to be invested before usage of
> WebDAV
> starts paying dividends ?
> -- Chris Glur.

Much of the investment has already been done by
Edgar.  You don't have to understand all of the
RFCs behind WebDAV to use it, just like you don't
have to understand all of the RFCs behind HTTP
to use a webbrowser.  Of course if you run into
a bug (and considering how early it is in the
product lifecyle that's highly possible) knowing
how the underlying protocal works can help.

In my own experience I was able to upload a file
to the experimental webdav, upload a modified
version, "rollback" to a previous version, ect.
I ran into a problem downloading, but I think
it was due to a bug in WinAosOberon.  Edgar
sent me the fix, but I haven't tested that
out yet.  


John M. Drake

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