[Oberon] Oberon / Aos disk performance

Dan Parnete parnete at aladata.it
Thu Aug 14 10:55:31 CEST 2003

Thomas Frey wrote:

>> AosFS it's great on cache. Congratulations.
>> But writing and the first time reading it's a pain. Am I missing 
>> something ? Is it anything else to adjust for better performance ?
> It depends a great lot on the harddisk controller. Check the 
> Kernel-Log for "PIO" in the init message of the driver. If you see 
> PIO, the driver is running in some compatibility mode, that can be 
> about 10x slower than a fully supported controller.
> --Thomas
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Thank you the for the sugestion. Here is my KernelLog:

Aos 04.06.2003
Intel MP Spec 1.4
  Processor 0, APIC 11, ver 15.2.4, features 0000FBFF, ID 0
IDE0..1: 14 000001F0 000003F6 reset ok
IDE2..3: 15 00000170 00000376 reset ok
ATA: Status ctrl=00000170 drv=1 lba=260013951 err=7F stat=7F s=7F m=88 
e=00 b=00 ms=500
IDE3: no reset
IDE0: 39266MB, 16383*16*63, (79780*16*63), LBA, IC35L040AVVN07-0, ver 5.21
IDE3: packet cd-rom device, removable, OEM CD-ROM F563E
Bus-master chipset not detected
AosDiskVolumes: IDE0#2
AosDiskFS: Index not found on IDE0#2
AosDiskFS: Scanning IDE0#2... marking..............  1887 files
AosDiskFS: 396160K of 513564K available on IDE0#2
{P0 AosDisplayLinear: GlobalSetCacheProperties = 2304}
Default font installedManager.New finished
Disp.format =     2
{P0 Bottom up...New background-->Mouse Cursor-->NIL
{P0 ETH Oberon / Aos 04.06.2003}

There is no PIO, and I don't realise if anything else is wrong. What 
meens:  Index not found on IDE0#2 ?


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