[Oberon] Oberon / Aos disk performance

Pieter Muller pieter.muller at alumni.ethz.ch
Thu Aug 14 22:50:05 CEST 2003

Dan Parnete wrote:

> Aos 04.06.2003
> Intel MP Spec 1.4
>  Processor 0, APIC 11, ver 15.2.4, features 0000FBFF, ID 0
> IDE0..1: 14 000001F0 000003F6 reset ok
> IDE2..3: 15 00000170 00000376 reset ok
> ATA: Status ctrl=00000170 drv=1 lba=260013951 err=7F stat=7F s=7F m=88 
> e=00 b=00 ms=500
> IDE3: no reset
> IDE0: 39266MB, 16383*16*63, (79780*16*63), LBA, IC35L040AVVN07-0, ver 
> 5.21
> IDE3: packet cd-rom device, removable, OEM CD-ROM F563E
> Bus-master chipset not detected 

The last message means the driver won't be able to work at optimal 
speed, using DMA.  Fixing this could be relatively simple, if you 
provide the output of PCITools.Scan.

> AosDiskVolumes: IDE0#2
> AosDiskFS: Index not found on IDE0#2 

This is normal.  When shutting down cleanly (e.g. using Ctrl-Alt-Del), 
the current map of in-use disk blocks is written to disk.  At the next 
startup it will be read again, and disk garbage collection can be 
skipped, to speed up booting.  This message means the on-disk index was 
not up-to-date, so a GC has to be done.

> AosDiskFS: Scanning IDE0#2... marking..............  1887 files 

This is the GC being done...

> AosDiskFS: 396160K of 513564K available on IDE0#2
> {P0 AosDisplayLinear: GlobalSetCacheProperties = 2304}
> Default font installedManager.New finished
> Disp.format =     2
> {P0 Bottom up...New background-->Mouse Cursor-->NIL
> }
> {P0 ETH Oberon / Aos 04.06.2003}
> There is no PIO, and I don't realise if anything else is wrong. What 
> meens:  Index not found on IDE0#2 ?

-- Pieter

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