[Oberon] Oberon Database

Dan Parnete parnete at aladata.it
Thu Aug 14 16:03:04 CEST 2003


    I have read this list archives, the documentation inside the 
distributions, some extra found on the web and I understood. Database is 
a Tabu word in this community, and is better to not talk about. There is 
no trace in any distribution (excluding the commercial BlackBox) and the 
new Bluebottle project doesn't intend to implement one. Ok. It's a 
choice of live. But don't tell me none of you never needed to put some 
data altogether. I can't believe nobody extended at list the Library 
code to more flexible collections management. I saw some database 
projects started long time ago. Where are this implementations?
    In other words: if I need a database, have I write it myself?


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