[Oberon] Oberon Database

Patrik Reali reali at acm.org
Thu Aug 14 16:47:49 CEST 2003

Hi Dan,

the Oberon libraries contains the code for the system core and some
contributions. More contributions are available on

apparently, nobody has submitted the code to implement a database in Oberon


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> Hello,
>     I have read this list archives, the documentation inside the
> distributions, some extra found on the web and I understood. Database is
> a Tabu word in this community, and is better to not talk about. There is
> no trace in any distribution (excluding the commercial BlackBox) and the
> new Bluebottle project doesn't intend to implement one. Ok. It's a
> choice of live. But don't tell me none of you never needed to put some
> data altogether. I can't believe nobody extended at list the Library
> code to more flexible collections management. I saw some database
> projects started long time ago. Where are this implementations?
>     In other words: if I need a database, have I write it myself?
> Dan
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