[Oberon] Rembrandt > Scale :html (gif) ?

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Sat Aug 16 14:14:03 CEST 2003


 I really don't want to spend hours to see if this works:

* I'm using n-o 'ver 2001'.

* Desktops.OpenDoc ^
happens to be the web-page in question, but my query is 'general'.

* Some graphics are too big to view - also with UserTrack fully expanded;
 I use VGA setting [SVGA would be more compact].

* I've confirmed [in the distsnt past] that Rembrandt.Panel can scale

Q1. does this only apply to *.Pict ?

Q2. since the latest SYS:Temp.gif came from the above web-page,
    I'm assuming that the 'too big' picture is also *.gif .
    Or how is it stored away in the library ?

Q3. Since converting:  *.gif <--> *.Pict is possible under n-o, can
      I rescale *.gif ?

Q4. Is it do-able (with n-o) to rescale the graphics of *.html fetches.
   Often the text is good but a diagram is too 'course' and overflows 
   the display.

Thanks for any help,

-- Chris Glur.

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