[Oberon] Strange problems with WinAOS and WebDAV (Retry)

edgar at edgarschwarz.de edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Sat Sep 6 23:34:45 CEST 2003

Hi John,
perhaps my post some hours ago didn't work. I didn't get it yet.
I was on holidays (Spending a day at JMLC2003 at Klagenfurt, showing WebDAV),
my wife is in hospital now and in a couple of minutes I will go to the birthday
of a nephew.
So perhaps you will understand that I can only give short answers at the moment.
Sorry, but I don't have time to go into details just now.

> After taking a break from trying to get WebDAV to work
> right under WinAOS I took another shot at it.  I'm
> using the latest WebDAV build (WebDAV.1.0.0.Zip) and
> the latest version of WinAOS (Version 1.03, although
> for some reason it still says "1.02" in the log and
> in the Distribution.Text file.  But I know I 
> downloaded from the 1.03 link, and I did this twice
> just to make sure).
You could try to get http://webdav.ethz.ch/davzip/WebDAV.1.2.0.Zip
I will update my homepage soon.
After my holidays I gave it at try with WinAOS Version 1.03.

> Oberon locks up hard.  I traced the lock up to a
> call to procedure WebHTTP.ParseReply().
This is probably the same problem I have. In AosTCP.Mod in Receive I get in a loop
because Available gives 0 all the time.
Here some checking the state of the connection and perhaps leaving after
some timeout should be added.

> Another wierd problem.  In the procedure
> DCT.CheckIn there is the following
> line:
> IF resHeader.statuscode # WebHTTP.MultiStatus THEN
In the newest bluebottle you will probably find a newer WebHTTP.Mod with
more HTTP status codes. BTW, MultiStatus = 209.

> I'm not sure what to do next.
So if you could verify whether your lockup is also this loop in AosTCP.Receive
and perhaps fix it, this would probably also solve my problem with
WebDAV 1.2.0 on WinAos and would allow me to make a release also for WinAos.

This would be nice, because I got a request for my client from the makers
of the Tamino WebDAV server and so they wouldn't need a Bluebottle partition
to try it.

Cheers, Edgar

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